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There are no further events planned currently but please get in touch if you would like us to support or speak at one of yours.  We recently attended a conference on Customer AI and Robotics so ask us to summarise that for you! 
Touchpoint Change also writes articles for our newsletters and various other publications.  Some examples are included below. 


By mid-March 2019, Brexit continued to dominate the political realm.  Our first Brexit sketch followed the chaotic scenes in parliament when MPs debated their approach and took some contradictory decisions. The second sketch mused as Brexit sailed towards its deadline. 


Cryptocurrencies have been around for almost 10 years, but hit the headlines in a big way in 2017 and 2018.  Suddenly they captured the imagination of the business community, the media and investors.  This turned into a massive increase in valuation and then a massive decrease, but what’s behind the hype?  And what do they do anyway?  Our Cryptocurrency FAQ (part 1) starts to delve … and looks deeper in Crypto FAQ part 2.  See also an opinion piece about the future price of Bitcoin in Crypto Questions part 3 and a reflection on its worth in The worlds most expensive list - BitcoinThe technology has potentially disruptive applications across business and government so look out for a future article.

We published a White Paper to explore approaches to service improvement that are covered in our Institute of Leadership & Management Service Improvement Programme - Seven Tips: Faster and Better for Less 


Read about our take on transforming healthcare pathways, including our cloud apps that bring stakeholders together to agree on better ways to care for patients with Long Term Conditions (heart disease, lung disease and diabetes).  See also our Sustainability and Transformation Planning Partnership White Paper here about our Learning Health System (November 2017).

Change is not easy to deliver and organisations need to work to create the conditions for success - Preparing the environment for successful change


High growth technology businesses reach a point where product development and increasing customer demands require the full-time focus of everyone in the company.  But there is so much more to do to keep a successful business on track.  Read about our support for High Tech High Growth


How to become more creative and find new solutions to long standing or new problems - our guide to Point C Creativity.  There is a process that can guarantee good, powerful, pragmatic ideas!


Bonuses - good or bad?  And what is the alternative?  See our Bankers' bonus article, written in 2008 as Sir Fred Goodwin's package and other bankers' bonuses were making headline news.


Getting leaner and fitter in the new year - a look at Lean Thinking for our January newsletter.  Many sectors are exploring Lean Thinking, but how can it be of use to all of them?  Find out with our overview.


Systems thinking, George Soros and the credit crisis - - an article that asks could Systems Thinking have foreseen the credit crisis of 2008?


The Financial Crisis - an article exploring the roots of the financial crisis, written as the banking industry was crashing in October 2008.  The crisis is all of ours - a whole-system problem.  There is a need for all parties to change their behaviours to be part of the solution - banks, regulators, government, the general public and those of us in business. 


Transforming Police and Public Services - an article originally written for The Times on 19th June 2006 but pulled hours before publication as the Home Secretary announced the postponement of Police Force amalgamation.


Public sector reform - the importance of engaging managers and staff to win commitment to change.


Managing Transformation Means Transforming Management - a summary of Deming's system of management written by us for The Deming Transformation Forum and reproduced with permission.

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