Get everyone involved in the race for change …

We wish to make a refreshing and positive difference as we work with you.  There are several ways we provide a different approach and a more personal service:


•  Helping your own people transform your business - this engages your internal staff and builds skills in-house


•  Stimulating ideas and faster delivery - we help you through the period of change and leave your business stronger 


•  Offering experts in your sector - to provide an understanding of your issues combined with vision and change management expertise


•  Focusing on the benefits of change - which may mean exploiting a previous change as well as embarking on a new one


Who are we?  Touchpoint Change was formed in 2008 by the merger of two smaller consultancies; Touchpoint Management, the contact centre performance improvement specialist, with Change! which specialised in enterprise-wide change management.  In our respective pasts we have run projects ranging from a few days of training to £80m programmes of change.  Both organisations have designed and set-up new departments, initiated and run major change programmes and provided consultancy and interim management.  We have worked closely with the Boards of organisations with turnovers ranging from under £1m to over £1bn, nationally and internationally.  We recognise that all projects, however large or small, have their challenges and deserve focus.


What’s in the name?  A touchpoint is where customers experience an organisation and find out how well it meets their needs.  It is also the point where teams and individuals work together - we take this complexity into account while trying to keep things simple.  The Change is what we help our clients to do, a word that evokes different reactions in different people.  Many have been on the wrong end of a well-intentioned project that did not achieve its goal.  Research over the last 20 years consistently says that over 70% of business projects have not delivered the benefits they promised.  There are well-established ways of reversing this statistic, but there will always be a range of reactions as one person’s breath of fresh air is another’s cold wind. 


We believe that there are a number of pre-requisites for managing successful change including good leadership, effective methods and an open mindedness to listen to others' points of view - staff, customers, regulators, stakeholders, even competitors.  At Touchpoint Change we believe that an organisation’s own people can dramatically improve every area of the business.  They should not wait for external events or crises to trigger action but should always be looking for improvements that will fine tune what they do and create a better place to work. They will need some time set aside to assess team performance, solve problems and design solutions, with the space to make the occasional mistake as they experiment with new ideas.   Sometimes improvements are rapid with big leaps in performance and at other times they are smaller or materialise more slowly.  Both approaches have their place, which should happen on a continuous and sustained basis.  Over time they can achieve far more than anyone thought possible.  



Client testimonials


“The information you compiled was of the utmost importance to our company and proved to be most valuable.  In light of all this, it is also important that we maintain a good relationship with your offices.  I know that your input is also most valuable to our goal objectives.  The future for Unique UK is bright and expanding.  Our goals are not only with a new location and staffing, but we are expanding our technology platforms as well.  I would like to have Touchpoint as an integral part of this expansion.”

Snr. Vice President- Operations, Unique Vacations Inc./ Sandals Resorts.


“I have observed Touchpoint Change on many occasions facilitating meetings with a very diverse group of stakeholders and holding the direction of the meeting whilst fostering genuine debate - always keeping the strategic vision in mind, yet positively challenging at the same time. They demonstrated a very clear understanding of business risk and opportunity; businesses processes and the advantages of a lean organisation (and how to get there); the significance of cultural alignment across the enterprise; and the role of technology in underpinning change, driving cost savings and improving performance. ”

Chairman and Chief Executive, ENL.


“I just wanted to extend a special thank you for the training yesterday. The team really enjoyed it and I think it has given them the tools they need to achieve our goals and targets.  Now we just need to get on and do it.”

Head of Retail and Ticketing, BWFC.


“I have worked with Touchpoint on several occasions and, each time, they have provided practical, realistic and financially beneficial solutions to our needs.  There is no consultant waffle. They work closely with you and provide effective first class support.”

Head of Contact Centres, AXA Sun Life Direct.

Helping you transform your business ... 

Touchpoint Change (Manchester office) - contact James Crawford on 0777 55 90192 or 

Or contact Jayne Bressington (Bristol office) on 07585 807100. 

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